OFFICERS FOR 2015/2016

President —— Jayden Key

Vice President —— Mohammad Saleem

Secretary —— Ashley Hennie

Treasurer —— Sofia Silva

Scribe —— Gabriel Johnson


The Catwalk Theatrical Company is the official Kempner theatre production company/club, and membership is for any Kempner student interested in theatre, whether it be performing, doing tech work, or both. We encourage all students enrolled in KHS theatre classes to join us, however, you do not have to be enrolled in a class to be a part of the Catwalk Theatrical Company. We welcome members from all over the school, and that includes YOU! To join us, you must do two things. First, you must attend our meetings every other Wednesday in the KHS Auditorium. Our meetings are listed on the calendar page here. Also, we ask that you work at least 10 hours every 9 weeks on one of our departmental shows/events. While this may sound like a lot, most of these hours each 9 weeks period can be earned on a single Saturday workday. Of course, you can always do more and perform in a show or work on an official show crew, and you will be on your way to earning points toward Thespian membership!

We have something for everyone to do -- no experience necessary! Trust us, working on shows will bring you closer to an amazing group of people you will continue to call friends long after each production closes. Also, Catwalk Theatrical Company offers the possibility of socials, group outings to see shows, and other fun benefits for those that continue to put in hard work and effort! Attend a meeting and we will tell you anything else you need to know. Don't wait! Chances are, becoming a member of the Catwalk Theatrical Company -- bonding with others with similar interests while you work on shows together -- might just become the highlight of your time at KHS!


thes·pi·an \\ˈthes-pē-ən\\
adjective 1. of or relating to drama and the theater: "thespian talents"
noun 1. an actor or actress.

Thespian Troupe 4385 at Kempner High School is a chartered troupe of the International Thespian Society, the only honor society that recognizes and rewards excellence in high school theatre. Induction is by invitation only but the process is open to any student that continues to demonstrate a strong effort in helping our department produce and promote quality theatrical productions. Students can earn an invitation for induction by achieving the goal of 10 Thespian points and by continuing to be involved by attending meetings and contributing to the department. A ceremony will be held at the conclusion of each school year to reflect on our accomplishments and to celebrate our new Thespian inductees. Don't wait -- start working on shows and attending meetings now, and begin accumulating those Thespian points! Talk to any of our current officers, and they will tell you how to get started!

Thespian membership may include:

  • Induction at the end-of-year theatre banquet
  • Membership card and Thespian pin
  • A subscription to Dramatics Magazine
  • The opportunity to "letter" in Theatre
  • Yearly attendance at the Texas State Thespian Festival
  • Qualifying for and attending the International Thespian Festival in Nebraska
  • Eligibility for scholarships at the state and international levels
  • Fantastic addition to a college applications, resumes, and portfolios
  • Graduation honor cords
  • And much, much more!